Adam was born in Brooklyn, New York and began his music career studying the piano at age 5. By age 9 he realized his true passion for the drums and began preparing himself for a professional career as a drummer.


“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”


Will adopting a plant based diet bring health benefits for you and sustain our food supply?


After studying self development for over 20 years, Adam would like to share some of his insight on the tools that have helped him in his career.

Why the Inspired Musician?

Inspired: Of such surpassing brilliance or excellence as to suggest divine inspiration: an inspired musician.

I have been playing the drums since I was nine years old.  I was influenced by many players and genres like rock, jazz, soul and pop.  I always had the drive and passion to practice, to study with great teachers and to find the next gig.I have had the opportunity to travel all over the US, Canada and Europe, some of these trips were bumpy rides with early flights and bad hotels and some were five star experiences.  My work has taken me to small hole in the wall clubs, to arenas and TV.  I feel very fortunate for all of these occurrences.

It takes more than just an opportunity to really make it as a professional musician. There needs to be an external creative impulse that keeps you going and keeps you whole.  That is why I have created this site —To let you in on some of the amazing tools that have helped shape me as a musician and as a person.  I am always in the process of learning more about music and the music industry, but I am also working on self-development, positive thinking, eating well and exercising my mind and body.  These tools help me deal with the roughest situations  and reach my full potential when performing.  This site is intended to enhance your life and your music, so check it out!


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