I have studied a lot of self-development and I continue to learn about myself while I am on the road.  There is something that comes back to me time and time again, holding true to what I know is right and believing in myself.  The idea of knowingness is to be conscious and deliberate about the way you lead your life.

Being self-confident is one of the main ways to believe in yourself. The more self-assured you are the better.  This doesn’t mean being cocky or arrogant.  This means finding a balance between confidence and humbleness. The truth is, you need to know you are a great person full of potential to succeed. You have to know what talents you possess.  You have to know that other’s opinions of you don’t really matter…or should not matter to you. Most of the time people are just projecting their own insecurities on you. So, how do you find knowingness?

This has been a constant battle for me.  I feel great one day and then I slip back into my own insecurities, feeding off of other people’s negative energy, someone’s bad mood or something I misconstrued that someone said to me. Two great tools I have been using to keep me positive are meditation and reading inspirational materials (blogs, books, websites, etc.) Reading or listening for even five minutes a day has helped me stay in check, helped me stay balanced even on tired and vulnerable days. These inspirations help me create abundance and tap into the subconscious mind.

Today, look at yourself and know that you are a positive individual with the ability to create and have all that you want in your life.

Know this to be true.

Adam Fischel

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