Staying in the Gap

Staying in the Gap

Staying in the Gap

The Gap is the pure place in between the chaos, the constant thoughts, and the distractions.
Whenever we do something that keeps us present, such as dancing, meditating, working out, or performing music, we are traveling thorough “the gap”. The idea is to keep our creativity flowing and not let our thoughts get in the way of what we are doing.

I first discovered “the gap” when I started meditating and playing creative music with my friends. Once I began to quiet the chatter, I had the ability to let go and truly be present, this fashioned a stream of endless creativity in the moment. A lot of musicians try to attain this magical space by getting high and playing. This can lead to a downward spiral, while trying to acquire this enlightenment through drugs.

So how do we get in the gap and attain a high level of enlightenment and creativity?
A couple of resources that have helped me are self-development books, meditation CDs, and music by people that inspire me. A few examples of the books are: “Loving Kindness”, by Sharon Salzberg, and “Effortless Mastery”, by Kenny Werner, as well as materials by Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Jim Rohn, and Wayne Dyer. All inspirational people!
All of our anxieties about life, career and being creative are formed while we are not in the gap. By staying in this pure place, learning and training our mind with positive self-development and practice, we can begin to be truly creative and attain what we really want.

Adam Fischel

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  1. March 30th, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    As far as meditation goes. I have tried to mtideate but can’t seem to focus on the present because my mind keeps wondering off. I feel that my schedule is too busy in order to be consistent with meditation. I am either waking up in just enough time to get to where I need to be and when I get home I am usually exhausted and feel that if I try to mtideate I will just fall asleep. I also having conflicting thoughts as if meditation really works or not because I have heard so many different opinions about it. I guess I can say that’s what I am confused about and also what keeps me from learning how to mtideate properly.On the self development note. I think what keeps me from living a blissful life is me constantly fighting the society norms. I don’t fit the mold that society usually imposes on people (American society that is). I don’t really care for having fancy things or having the highest status, but it seems that everyone around me is that way. Even my family and friends. So that in itself makes me feel isolated and misunderstood. Sometimes I can relate my life to the movie Into The Wild’ in how I just want to escape and live freely without being judged, but I feel trapped and that raises turmoil within myself. All in all I guess I can say that I don’t like the environments that I am in therefore it makes me not want to be in the present moment but in a daze so that things don’t effect me in a negative way.[]

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